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Job Spotlight

Director, Business Consulting

The Director Business Consulting plays a leadership role in developing client relationships and providing strategic direction to client engagements. This

Senior Manager, Consulting and Customer Strategy

As a Senior Manager in the Consulting and Strategy domain, you will play a leadership role in developing innovative strategies

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5 Steps to Find OD Jobs

How to Find OD Jobs You’re beginning your journey to (re-)launch your OD career.  That’s where we want to help set you up for success to find OD jobs that match your personal needs.  Learn five steps you can take to reach your career goals. Step 1 – Craft a Personal Vision Notice how this

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SOAR into Your Organization Development Practice

How to SOAR into Your Organization Development Practice A recent call with a new client inspired this article.  During our call, this recent graduate of a master’s program in OD asked how to start his organization development practice and wanted some advice.  Breaking down the steps from graduating to finding a career or project that

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Mission: Unconfidential

Purpose of a Mission Organizations, teams, and even individuals and communities often have a mission.  In essence, a mission is a purpose, a reason for being.  With a clear and well-understood mission, it becomes possible to understand what goals, activities, and resources are necessary.  Without a mission, members lack a common ground to understand boundaries

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